Prosecutors are ministers of justice. Therefore, it is our responsibility to help people who have paid their debt to society to get court review of a criminal record and the barriers it creates to accessing jobs, housing, education and financial qualifications. We are pleased to partner with the Ramsey County Attorney's Office and the Washington County Attorney’s Office to ensure our residents have access to justice after they have completed their sentence by helping people seal their criminal records.

Mike Freeman
Hennepin County Attorney

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Hennepin County is asking you to provide private information about yourself for the purposes of determining whether your criminal history makes you eligible to apply for expungement through this process. Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA), Hennepin County must protect the privacy of your data and may not use your information for reasons other than those listed on this form. Hennepin County may not share your information with individuals and agencies without your written consent or a court order requiring us to release the data. You are not legally required to supply the requested data, however, Hennepin County will be unable to process your request for expungement if you refuse to supply the requested data.
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Waiting periods

Most criminal records have a waiting period before the Court can grant an expungement. In order to qualify, you must remain crime-free during the waiting period. In most cases, the waiting period starts when you are discharged from probation or parole. A new offense can extend the waiting period or disqualify you from eligibility.

The waiting periods range from zero to five years depending upon the seriousness of the offense and how the case was resolved. For example: if your entire felony case was dismissed, or you were acquitted by the Court or a jury, you may be eligible without a waiting period. Alternatively, if you were convicted of a felony-level offense, you would need to wait for five years from discharge from probation or parole.

How to apply to have criminal records sealed

Apply by clicking "Start my application" below. The information you provide will be used to determine if you qualify. If it appears that you do, we will contact you to request additional information. If you do not qualify, we will contact you to explain why you are not currently eligible.

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