Protecting vulnerable adults

Protecting vulnerable adults is a priority of the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. If you suspect abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, call Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) at their toll-free number: 844-880-1574 or visit their web site  The name of the person who makes the report is considered confidential.

The Common Entry Point receives and screens the report for possible investigation by a field worker.  Law enforcement also receives a copy of the report.  The field worker for Adult Protection investigates the case, determines whether maltreatment has occurred, and puts a protective plan in place for the vulnerable adult.

Lawyers from the county attorney’s adult services division assist in the protection plan by representing Adult Protection in guardianship and/or conservatorship matters or requests for Orders for Protection for the vulnerable adult.  If the person identified as the perpetrator of the abuse challenges Adult Protection’s determination that maltreatment has occurred in state agency appeal hearing, those same lawyers defend Adult Protection’s decision.

If the police investigation discovers a crime has been committed, the case will be turned over to specialists for criminal charges. In the case of criminal neglect or abuse, the assistant county attorney in the Adult Prosecution Division, who helped pass the felony neglect statute, would review the case. If the vulnerable adult's funds were stolen, lawyers in our Complex Crimes unit, who are skilled in following the money, would review the case.