Jeremy Anderson sentenced on multiple counts of identity theft


A Minneapolis man has been sentenced for multiple counts of identity theft in which he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a male victim between 2014-2016, all under the guise of a fake medical receivables operation, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Jeremy Anderson, 50, was sentenced November 29 to 136-months in prison for concocting an identity theft scheme which resulted in the male victim, C.A., losing more than $560,000. Anderson also faced charges in federal court for a similar scheme where he bilked hundreds of victims out of more than $10M. He was convicted of those offenses in February 2021 and received more than 12 years in prison. The 136-months Anderson received in state court will run currently with his federal sentencing.

According to the criminal complaint, C.A., a chiropractor in Minneapolis, met Jeremy Anderson in 2012. At the time, Anderson was running a pain clinic in Minnetonka called “Interventional Pain Clinic”. The victim learned that Anderson also acted as director and president of a Florida company, Tri-Med Corporation, which bought and sold medical receivables, the complaint states.

A medical receivable is a debt owed by an insurance company to a surgical center or pain clinic for care provided to a covered patient.

In 2014, C.A. and Anderson discussed setting up a business in medical receivables. Anderson registered Smart Surgical Funding with the Minnesota Secretary of State on behalf of C.A., the complaint says. C.A. obtained a federal tax identification number and opened a bank account at U.S. Bank.

Anderson also told C.A. that he would act as the “middleman” between the person selling medical debt, who is referred to as G.S. Anderson told C.A. that G.S. owned surgery centers in Florida; he also legitimately sells medical receivables, the complaint continues. C.A. was unaware that Anderson was involved in criminal activity in Florida, and the reason G.S. would not do business with him.

G.S. told investigators he did not sell medical receivable nor sign the documents.

From July 2015 through February 2016, C.A. purchased multiple medical receivables, and sent money to Florida Surgical Consultants, LLP (FLSUCO), believing it was owned by G.S. In total, C.A. made 45 medical receivable file purchases, for which he paid over $560,000, the complaint states.

As part of the scheme, Anderson falsified signatures and use of names on all medical receivable documents. Not a single signed document was authentic.

In June 2016, a search warrant was executed at Anderson’s house where a FLSUCO checkbook and fraudulent medical receivables were found. In a statement to investigators and C.A., Anderson admitted to creating and executing the scheme to swindle money from him, and that he made fake medical receivable documents, the complaint continues. In addition, he posed as G.S., going so far as to create a fake social media account and email addresses.

Anderson also admitted to having two friends set up bank accounts for FLSUCO, and used their names to register FLSUCO with the Minnesota Secretary of State as a Minnesota LLC, the complaint says.

View Jeremy Anderson's criminal complaint (PDF).