Four teens charged in Bryn Mawr Market robbery


Four juveniles have been charged in connection to the Bryn Mawr Market robbery, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.

Jaycee Cuff, 16, of Minneapolis, and Christopher Doss, Jr., 17, of Minneapolis, each face two counts of aiding and abetting first-degree aggravated robbery and second-degree assault. The Hennepin County Attorney’s office is seeking to have Cuff and Doss, Jr. prosecuted as adults.  Two other teenagers, 14 and 15, were also charged. Due to their ages, no additional information can be disclosed at this time.

All four juveniles are currently detained at the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center

According to the petitions, just after 11:30 a.m. on December 29, Minneapolis police were alerted to an armed robbery at Bryn Mawr Market involving Cuff, Doss, Jr., and the other two teens.

Surveillance video from the incident showed Doss, Jr. point a semi-automatic handgun at the cashier while the other teens went behind the counter where the victim was standing. The 14-year-old took the gun from Doss, Jr., and upon the victim having difficulty getting the cash register open, hit the victim in the head with the gun, the petitions state. He then pressed the gun to the side of the victim’s head.

The 15-year-old male grabbed the gun and proceeded to shoot the victim in the foot. As the teenagers fled the store, he also shot the victim in the stomach. The victim was transported to the hospital to undergo surgery, the petitions continue.

After the armed assault, the four teens ran through an alley and got into a car, driving away from the scene.

Around two hours after the incident, investigators found the 14-year-old’s live-streamed video posted to his social media account. In that video, the 14-year-old tagged Cuff, Doss, Jr. and the two teenagers. All of them were wearing similar clothing to those found on surveillance video from the armed robbery, the petitions say.

Surveillance video from the market also captured the vehicle the four juveniles arrived and likely fled in: a red Mazda that was stolen from St. Paul. The vehicle was eventually found parked near the 14-year-old’s home, and was towed by police, the petitions state.

Cuff and the 14- and 15-year-olds were arrested in the evening on December 29, and Doss, Jr. was arrested at a later time, the petitions continue.

A search warrant was executed on the 14-year-old’s home where police found clothing similar to what he was wearing in surveillance video.

View the petition for Jaycee Cuff (PDF).

View the petition for Christopher Doss, Jr (PDF).