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Guilty verdict for man who fired shot from window to kill man on street

Judge Tanya Bransford issued guilty verdict against Daquan Bradley for second-degree murder.

Minneapolis man charged in parking lot murder

Nicholas Jefferson fatally shot woman arguing with another man

Son charged in Eden Prairie parents' murders

Nathan Lehman was charged with fatally stabbing his parents

Heroin dealer found guilty of murder in first of four cases

Beverly Burrell was found guilty in the overdose death of Lucas Ronnei

Condemnation specialist saves taxpayers half-million dollars

A civil jury took less than two hours to award the owners of a rundown motel nearly half a million dollars less than they were seeking.

State Supreme court says 90 year sentence for juvenile is okay

It is constitutional for Mahdi Ali to spend 90 years in prison for killing three

Jury finds Minneapolis man guilty of second-degree murder

Chris Scott (AKA Marcell Scott), 40, was convicted in the shooting death of Travis Tyler Washington, 30.

Man charged in drive-by murder

Isaiah Wallace, 20, was charged with the single count in the May 11th death of 40-year-old Roderick Evans who died from a gunshot wound to his chest.

Jury finds Sawina guilty nine times for shooting Somali men

A jury rejected Anthony Sawina's self-defense argument

Mound woman pleads guilty to swindling two organizations

Alison Klug (Reily) pleaded guilty to six counts of theft by swindle for stealing $181,500 from the North Hennepin Community College Foundation and $19,000 from Tonka Alano Society.

Foth pleads guilty in Eden Prairie murder, robbery

Nathan Foth detailed how he hid in Allen Retzer's house before the slaying

2015 murder solved; nanny's husband charged in baby's death

Nicholas Larson charged in the death of Minneapolis one-year-old.

Morris knew what he did was wrong in killing daughter

A judge found Corey Morris was not too mentally ill to murder

Two women, four men charged in Bloomington home invasion murder

Six people were charged in the killing of Corey Elder in his apartment