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Two Bloomington brothers charged with murder of missing man

Man had been missing for nearly two weeks.

Adult Criminal Charges Filed Against Teenager, Was 14 at the Time of Murder

Hennepin County District Court judge ordered he should be tried as an adult, even though he was just 14 at the time of the murder.

County Attorney responds to untested sexual assault kits

County Attorney providing phone number for survivors, money for analysts

A St. Paul Man has been Charged with Sexual Assault, Burglary and Kidnapping

He faces the charges as a result of breaking into a St. Louis Park home on Nov. 3

Leroy Davis-Miles charged with second-degree murder

He was originally charged with first-degree assault.

Dow pleads guilty to murdering girlfriend

Joshua Dow already was serving time for interfering with her dead body

A Minneapolis Man Beats 75-year-old Man, Charged with First-degree Assault

The victim is in critical condition with a serious brain injury and may not survive.

Student charged in Jefferson High School stabbing

Anika Quittschreiber was charged with second-degree assault

Shermeika Franklin Pleaded Guilty to Second-degree Murder

Franklin fatally stabbed a woman in May, 2019.

Rodney Jackson Found Guilty of Second-degree Murder

A Hennepin County jury found Rodney Jackson guilty of second-degree murder late Friday afternoon.

Murder charge against woman who killed father of her child

Tahdreona Andrews fatally shot Justin Harris

Rogers Couple Charged with Insurance Fraud, Attempted Theft by Swindle

After an employee nearly drowns, the couple's scheme was uncovered.