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Former Harrison student pleads guilty to assaulting principal

Lashawnte Bright, now 18, pleads guilty to assaulting principal in December.

Lakeville man charged with assault of Edina police officer

Samuel David Ronneberg, 25, charged with assault and DWI.

Minneapolis man charged with second-degree murder

Chris Scott, AKA Marcell Scott, 39, was charged in the death of Travis Tyler Washington, 30.

Fraud by estate sales businesswoman results in workhouse time, probation

Mary Jane Thompson, 72, who defrauded 16 victims of nearly $148,000, was sentenced to 10 years on probation.

Guilty plea from female drunk driver who killed motorcyclist

Hannah Weyh, 29, pleaded guilty to being intoxicated when she turned in front of a motorcyclist last November.

Man faces five charges for shooting at car on I-94

Donquarious Grant wounded three men in the shooting.

Jury convicts, man will get life in prison for kidnapping, rape and robbery

Mohamed Ali Elmi, 26, convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, kidhapping and robbery; sentenced to life in prison.

No charges against Plymouth police officer in fatal shooting

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office declined to charge Plymouth Police Officer Amy Therkelsen in the shooting death of Derek Wolfsteller inside an Arby’s restaurant.

Minneapolis man pleads guilty to second-degree murder

Brandon Benjamin Broszko, 31 shot and killed 24-year-old Givontae Walker.

Son charged with stealing from mom, severely neglecting her health, held on $1 million bail

David John Vanzo, 57, charged with two counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult as well as one count each of the criminal neglect and attempted theft by swindle.