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Crash killed nephew, drunk uncle gets four years

Randoll Sloan was sentenced to four years in prison for causing crash that killed his nephew.

Juvenile charged in fatal shooting that started on bus

Joshua Davis Ford was charged with intentional second-degree murder in the death of a father who wanted the teenager to stop harassing his son

Husband charged with driving drunk and running over wife

David Meder was charged with criminal vehicular homicide for killing his wife while driving drunk

Jury convicts in 2012 murder

A Hennepin County Jury took about five hours to convict a Minneapolis man in the 2012 murder of Parrish Gray

Killer of innocent bystander in bar shooting pleads guilty

Ron Powell pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree murder in the shooting death of an innocent bystander in Champions Bar last August

Woman who stuffed victim in freezer guilty of murder

Jetaun Wheeler, who had been charged with murdering her boyfriend and stuffing him in a freezer, pleaded guilty Monday morning in the middle of her trial.

Man charged in shooting of three women

Man charged with attempted second degree murder and first degree assault in the July 9th shooting of three women in North Minneapolis

Two men charged in separate weekend homicides

Marco Gresham was charged with killing one woman and wouding another while Joseph Smith was charged with killing a man in two Minneapolis murders

Charges in old double homicide

A Grand Jury has indicted a former Minneapolis man, Jason Richard Preston, on four counts of first-degree murder.

Request a visit from the County Attorney on National Night Out

Prosecutors and advocates will visit block parties to answer questions about the justice system and share crime prevention tips

Teacher charged with attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct

Dan Arlen Anderson, a Minneapolis school teacher, was charged with stalking student, seeking sexual relationship